Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More reporting on 2010 race

Heath Shuler's exit from the 2010 Senate race has caused reporters to focus again on who the Democratic candidate(s) might be:
  • CQ Politics says "Shuler clears the way for North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper, if he decides to run. Like Shuler, Cooper has strong cross-over appeal with Republican and independent voters and could campaign on conservative law-and-order issues thanks to his experience as the state’s top law enforcer."
  • An AP reporter point-blank asked Coop and got a response through his political consultant, Morgan Jackson: "Attorney General Roy Cooper probably won't decide on a Senate run for a few more months. Jackson said the state's top prosecutor has been asked to consider other ways of serving 'but its too early for him to make such a decision.'" Meanwhile, neither Elaine Marshall nor Richard Moore ruled out running, although Moore's statement doesn't sound that much different from his previous statement that he would not run.

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