Saturday, February 28, 2009

Coop news round-up

First, good news for Coop if he does run for Senate: he likely won't have a formidable opponent in the form of former state Treasurer Richard Moore:

"Senate run not in plans, Moore says" (Hat tip: Senate Guru)

Second, Public Policy Polling shows that Sen. Richard Burr is vulnerable in 2010...but as far as I know, the only person that PPP has polled actually leading Burr is, you guessed it, Coop. See also this post on the PPP blog, which says "...generally speaking, you want to get your most well known and popular possible candidate into the race ....There's no doubt for Democrats in North Carolina that person is Roy Cooper, who already has 44% positive name recognition. If he doesn't run the party will still more than likely have a strong contender- but if you can get your best prospect, why bother with anyone else?" Couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Third, Coop is hard at work, including visiting Pope Air Force Base to talk about scams targeting members of our military. This experience will serve him well one day when he serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee!


brobin said...

I would love for Coop to run and would work my backside off for his campaign to have him elected Senator of the great State of North Carolina!

Please, Roy, do it for US!

cybercitizen said...

North Carolina can do it again--put a more progressive politician in the Senate seat.