Saturday, April 18, 2009

Update -- Not long until we know?

All the latest signs on the 2010 Senate race have been positive since my last post.

First, there was Coop himself telling a reporter that he would decide whether or not to run "very soon." I know, that's frustratingly vague, but he sounds very serious about the prospect. In a related story, Chris Cillizza, relying on unnamed "sources," said that Coop would decide "by the end of the month" -- there are only 13 days left in April!

Second, another poll confirmed Coop has a small lead in the polls over the incumbent, while other Democrats don't fare as well. The closeness of the race reminds us that, as a new analysis confirms, Senate races in this state are very competitive.

Third, the incumbent isn't helping himself with comments like these.

Also, many thanks to Senate Guru for taking up our cause many different places online, including Blue NC and Daily Kos.

The Coop momentum continues!

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