Friday, May 15, 2009

Say it ain't so, Coop

Coop sent an e-mail to supporters today:

"Dear Friends:
A few weeks after I took the oath of office for my
third term as Attorney General, many of you asked me to consider becoming a U.S.
Senator in 2010. Because this can be an important way to help the people
of North Carolina, my family and I considered it. While I am honored by
the encouragement I’ve received, I don’t want to go to Washington and serve as a
U.S. Senator at this time. I am committed to public service and I want to
serve here in North Carolina rather than in Washington.

Right now, I’m moving forward with ways to make the lives of North Carolinians better and safer, even during these challenging times. We’re pushing for new laws and helping people struggling with bad loans, debt and foreclosure. At my request, the Governor just signed an executive order this week to begin “StreetSafe”, a
project that will reduce the number of repeat offenders and cut the crime rate
by coordinating nonprofits, businesses, faith-based initiatives, and government
to rehabilitate people who have committed crimes.
I am taking action right here in North Carolina to boost our economy, bolster education, improve our health care and make us more secure. I will continue to need your ideas and help. I am grateful for your encouragement and support."

What do we do now?????

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